Friday, December 18, 2009

Watch This Clip

This is Nathan's Mom. You know me, I seem to be the only one posting on Nathan's blog anymore. I couldn't resist showing Nathan this clip and knew any of Nathan's friends would like it too. This kid is cute & funny & good and it will make me smile all morning. Enjoy and be inspired!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday School Story

This is Nathan's Mom hijacking his blog - again!

I have to tell you what happened Sunday at church. Nathan walked into Junior HIgh Sunday school with his new hair, causing quite the stir. A group of girls were talking on their side of the room (they travel in herds, you know). The girls sent the girl's counselor over to Nathan to tell him that the girls were talking about his hair cut. They wanted her to tell Nathan that they were very sorry he had to get his hair cut and that they were glad he was able to send it to Locks of Love.

A major coup happened in the boy/girl balance at junior high sunday school - the girls sent someone with a message to the boys side of the room...

of course it was to Nathan and was about his hair!

Nathan's Mom Out

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My hair

N.P. here
Gather around everyone for i'm about to tell a great tale, of how a great man cut his hair.
Many years ago, in a strange country far away, there lived a amazing man, later to move nations. His name was Nathan the Amazing, now he was only taught in foreign countries and he had to get taught in his home land in the language of English. And to get the knowledge he sought after, he had to do something no one had ever had to do. He had to give up his hair, which was a gift to him by two fairies, with great taste, the lady's of the land loved the hair. But Nathan the Amazing was determined so he traveled to a far away place in low town ( downtown), there is no place on todays map with that name. He went to a special place where there were witches, now these were special witches,, with powers of style. He went to the all powerful witch Nicole. In her store he met all the other witches. Nathan the Amazing's description of this place was AMERICAN, we do not know what that word mean's, but he go's on to say that everyone was talking to him most unlike the place he lived before Czech rep. [C-zek rap]. As they cut his amazing hair he was sad and excited. They went through a cut then dye. Liking this new look he goes back to his house, on the way getting a GRANDE frappe. We dont know what GRANDE mean's we also do not know what the place he went is, in the paper's writing about his past he calls it STARBUCKS. All ended well for this hero, but the story is not over, it is just starting.
Until next time young student's.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cutting my hair

N.P. here
I'm going to have to learn this post by heart, because people keep asking me about this. Today I cut my hair. As you all know I'm donating it to Locks of Love. Here is a photo of me with my hair down

Here's me holding my hair

And here is me with my hair cutter Nicole who is not disgusting and drab ( Pink Panther 2)

And here's me with my haircut

And here i'm looking cool. I will write about my fellings tommorow.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The 5 week trip to hell and back

N.P. here
OK, so it wasn't exactly to hell. It was just to Illinois, then Colorado and finally to Bethany Beach.
We started out in Illinois, where we stayed at our Uncle's house, then we went to the "Geneva" house. Then to a campground, where my grandparent's live ( they live in a RV).
Then Me and Grace went to Colorado. We were with our grandparents and the last night we were at our uncle and aunt's. Then we went to the Tillapaugh's house, where we were with the rest of our family. Then we went back to our Aunt and uncle's. Then we went to a think called DAR. And there i learned that i was in chaos.
Then on to Bethany Beach where i started chafing. Then it was just a 2 day drive back to NY, where after about 3 second's from getting out of the car someone saw us and ll of a sudden the whole neighborhood knew we were back.

In Colorado i got my cousin's electric guitar, and in a week a amp should come in the mail.

I have to go eat now.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


N.P. here
I would just like to write, that i was just talking to Becca on the phone and she told me that she can not comment on my post's because i write in a seal passion and because I'm writing about stuff she's also going through (she gets sad). Even though to me my post's seem simple to me, to you they touch you, its just another thing that show's that everyone is different. Becca I had fun talking to you.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My hair

N.P. here
I have some horrible news, we have to CUT MY HAIR. It's for school, it's part of the uniform. I'm going to donate it to people who have cancer. I can almost not write this. That's pretty much all. were going to go ask some people about advice for a new style. Oh yah, it has to be a natural color. Please comment any ideas of color or style.

Our house and what i do in it

N.P. here
Our new house is at 668 Ogden Parma town line road. Its very nice, and we have good neighbors. All i seem to be doing is reading the ninth Pendragon book, playing a new DS game called guitar hero, that my grandparent's got me and jumping on our neighbor's trampoline. Beside that we go do stuff in town.I have a reading list, 1. the ninth Pendragon 2. the tenth Pendragon 3. treasure island 4. the call of the wild 5. Thomas Jefferson. That's pretty much all.


N.P. here
Im finally going to post that post you've all been waiting for. The post about moving to America. I'll go back to my birthday. If this were a movie it would look like someone dropped a rock into some water and we would hear some freaky music. I woke up in the hotel (Malenovice) and got out of bed, put on my clothes and gave my mom the clothes i slept in. I went down stairs thinking about my birthday. There is some group of people at the hotel and so we had the big breakfast out. Matej a friend of ours was there and he wanted to get a picture with us. After that Mrs. Patty gave me a present, it was all about the past. There was a spidey comic book ( we used to read those) 3 different chocolate bars and a bionicle ( we played with those all the time). I also got a nice letter from Claire, in it was 5 dollars, thanks Claire. We had 2 cars, one was the Patty's car and one was the Michalik's car, there a family that goes to our church. I got in the Patty's car with Nicholas and Caleb. When we got to the Ostrava train station we met the other group and dragged our luggage to the train there we said goodbye and got on our train. It was a long way to Prague, where we would stay the night and get on the airplane. we got there around lunch-ish. And we went to Mcdonald's to tide us over until we could get lunch finally we were there we dropped of our stuff at the hotel and started to celebrate my birthday. We had dinner at Bohemia Bagels (try to guess what they sell), I got the hot dog and fries, i know i was at a bagel shop but still. Then we walked over to Charle's bridge and opened my present's I got a pair of red converse sneaker's from Becca some napkins with converse on them from my mom and a new nano (project red ipod from my mom and dad!!!!!! Then we went to starbuck's and my mom said i could get whatever i wanted. Lets guess what size I got. I got a vinti caramel frapucino wit caramel drizzle down the side the cup and on top. With no whip cream. We told the guy's working that it was my birthday and they gave me a gift too. They gave a whole bottle of special caramel drizzle. Aren't I special. The next day we woke up and got taxi's to drive us to the airport. I would like to write that i took one last breath of Czech air before went, but I actually forgot about it, I was concentrating so hard about getting on. Oh yah, we got on first. We had my mom's cello with us so we were the first people on! We should take that more often. we had a 8 hour layover in the second worst terminal ever. JFK. The worst is Paris. We got to rochester at midnight. I'll right more about our house in a different post.